Educational Tour on Nature, Religion & Employment – ICFAI University, Sikkim

Importance of Educational Tour Objectives

Foremost outcomes and objectives of Educational Tour to college students is it break the monotony of college life and to distress the study pressure. Learning and education become more effective when it comes through first hand experiences, observations and direct implementation of bookish ideas and theory into the field, that in turn contribute in building constructive ideas, opinions, modifying the existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values or preferences.

Furthermore educational tour offers the perfect informal setup for discussion, dialogues and to focus on self-awareness in a personal as well as in professional context which helps in developing various life-skills, such as team building, time management, embracing diversities etc. to enhance and harness student’s real abilities to put on test that will shape their confidence, personality, career which eventually make significant impact on society.

Nature, Religion & Employment

The main objectives of Sociology are to understand and explore dynamic connections between different institution such as economy, religion, politics, employment etc. As surroundings of Gangtok such as Ganesh Tok, Monastries, etc are holy destinations for both locals as well to tourists, which in turn provide employment prospects to locals by running small business such as fast foods, religious accessories shops etc.

Similarly, Natural topography such a Tashi view point, Bulbuley and zoos have added another employment prospects to locals as it draw considerable number of local, domestic and international tourist. Thus in a diverse society likes of Gangtok people are effectively using nature and religion for livelihood as well for employment.

Hence, the objectives of this educational trip is to experience, witness and to understand the challenges local entrepreneurs had face, current scenario and future prospects as well as to test and harness the student’s social observation and interpretation skills.

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