Climate Crisis Impacting Sikkim – ICFAI University, Sikkim

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Brad Redderson an American entrepreneur and expert in fields of computer graphics, climate crisis science, and the former division head of Silicon Graphics systems supercomputer business visited ICFAI University, Sikkim on 07th November 2019. He delivered a presentation on climate change which was attended by the students and faculties of the University.

Brad Redderson giving speech on “The Climate Crisis: Obligation & Opportunity

He gave a talk on Climate Crisis impacting Sikkim and the consequences of Climate change. He has a team dedicate to navigate the climate crisis and also shared ideas about what we can do to control the ill effects of such changes. Moving to renewable energy sources, building houses under the earth, developing advanced water management systems, advanced agricultural ideas and innovative transportation were the ideas shared by him. He mentioned that he with his team are building a new eco village using the most advanced innovations.

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